NDIS Plan Implementation Directory goes Live!

A back of a brunette woman who is in a wheelchair looking at a computer which is on a desk

The NDIS has launched the Plan Implementation Directory to support participants and their families and carers to find the right information needed to make the best use of their NDIS plans.

The directory is an accessible platform and has links to key topics that participants have said are important to help use their NDIS plan.

The NDIS has developed the directory by working closely with participants in more than 570 hours of engagement and consultation.

Participants, their families and carers can use the Plan Implementation Directory to:

  • understand their plan
  • start their plan
  • use their plan
  • work with providers
  • know what to do when something goes wrong.

The Directory is launched as a test version. This means the NDIS will continue to update the directory based on what participants would like to see in the Directory.

Want to know more?

To learn about the Directory and find more information to help you use your plan, visit the NDIS website.

If you would like to see other resources on the Directory webpage or suggest a different way to show information, please tell the NDIS through the feedback form or email.

Get in touch with Independent Support Solutions to assist you!